K-media Reports About Big Hit Music's Response To Dating Rumor Of V And Jennie After Their Proof In Paris

Currently, all domestic and international social networking sites are filled with happy images of V and Jennie in ḟŕäńċệ. Currently, the public's curiosity about whether the two are really in a relationship has been pushed to a climax.

Since last May, despite the public's questions after the dating suspicions, neither Bł₲ Ⱨł₮ Music, YG Entertainment nor V or Jennie have made any comments or comments. When rumors once again returned with authentic evidence, K-media immediately contacted Bł₲ Ⱨł₮ Music to find answers.

This time, Bł₲ Ⱨł₮ Music continued to have unclear responses to this situation, making fans quite confused:

In the ̾k̾o̾r̾e̾an entertainment industry, dating and marriage are considered taboo for idol stars. The management company is concerned that romantic relationships affect the artist's work and concentration and may cause them to lose a number of fans. Therefore, ̾k̾o̾r̾e̾an idol stars almost do not publicize their romantic relationships or avoid questions related to romance when they are active.

In particular, in the case of V and Jennie, this needs to be considered more carefully. Everyone knows that V and Jennie are the two most famous artists in Kpop today and both BTS or BLACKPINK have an important influence on not only Kpop but also in many other fields.

However, the case of V and Jennie received a lot of sympathy and support from fans. Since May 2022, after photos allegedly showing V and Jennie dating during a private trip in Jeju Island were circulated on social media, fans of both idols have publicly congratulated each other. Congratulations and hope both will have a happy private life.

In addition, in the following times, when many photos of the couple were continuously released, fans not only asked the rumor-monger to stop their actions but also tried to protect their reputation. of two artists. The dating story of V and Jennie became a hot topic but in a positive direction.

This time, after a long time it seemed that the dating story was over, once again more concrete evidence continued to make V and Jennie the center of attention again. On May 17 (local time), several images believed to be of Jennie and V were captured in Paris by a photographer.

In the video, V and Jennie hold hands happily walking along the banks of the Seine River in the city of love, making many people sob. Accompanying two famous young idols were their managers.

When the dating video was revealed, many fans αssumed that this was just a picture of a certain couple. However, later, the image of V and Jennie with identical costumes in the clip was further shared, confirming that the young lovers in the clip are members of BlackPink and BTS.

Not only that, V and Jennie's schedules also coincided during this time. V went to Paris because of his work schedule with CELINE while Jennie confirmed to ḟŕäńċệ to participate in the 2023 Cannes Film Festival.

V and Jennie's proof of authenticity makes their dating rumors explode on social networks. But when the video was public for hours, both companies did not give any specific and clear response.

When Star News contacted Bł₲ Ⱨł₮ Music at business hours this morning (KST), a representative of Bł₲ Ⱨł₮ Music refused to give an answer and did not explain further. This is similar to Bł₲ Ⱨł₮ Music's previous responses since the rumor started in May 2022.

Meanwhile, in September 2022, YG Entertainment first gave feedback on the incident when informing K-media that, "This is the artist's private life. It is difficult for us to confirm". Along with that, a while later, YG made an announcement about carrying out lєgαl procedures for cases that posted false photos about Jennie. In addition, both Jennie and V have never confirmed or commented on their dating rumors.

Before Bł₲ Ⱨł₮ Music's response, many commented that artists also need to be respected for their private lives and that it is unreasonable for the media to over-monitor their personal lives. In this context, fans expressed their love for both artists:

- BTS and Blackpink... A couple of top stars. They look really good together...

- This makes me realize that not being able to see your lover because you're too busy is just actually an excuse. If you really love someone, you would make time to see them no matter whatㅋㅋ

- They should've gone public with their relationship at this point... I wonder why did they deny the rumors...ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

- Whoa... They don't even bother to hide their relationship anymore nowㅋㅋㅋ They look really good together...

- The way they have a staff following them from behind is so f*cking hilariousㅋㅋㅋ

- They look really cute togetherㅠㅠ I wonder how it feels like to be superstars walking hand in hand in Paris... I'm really happy to see this.

- Is the person following them their manager?

- It feels weird to see them looking like an ordinary couple walking togetherㅋㅋㅋㅋ This makes me realize that they're human too...

- V and Jennie's managers are going to be besties at this pointㅋㅋㅋㅋ

- They're going public with their relationship, wow...ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I wonder if Jennie can wait for his boyfriend while he serves in the m̷i̷l̷i̷t̷a̷r̷y̷ later...

- I bet they're going to have such pretty babies...

- A date in Paris... It must be really romantic

- The way the staff is keeping a distance from the two of them is really funnyㅋㅋㅋㅋ

- They don't have to explain anything about their relationship... They look good together...

- I wonder if their managers have gotten any closer because of their relationship...

- A couple of top stars... I'm so jealous of them...

- Honestly I hope Jennie and Taehyung are dating. They're the most kind and amazing people to ever exist. If they found love and comfort in each other I will obviously support them. I wish them both happiness and lovr.

- True or not, not gonna lie this made me emotional for a second. All the kpop idols deserve to be like this in public whenever they want.