Jungkook's Act Of Showing Nostalgia For Jin Made ARMYs Emotional

Despite the age difference, the Jin - Jungkook duo is ARMY's favorite duo with adorable naughty moments. They are also very close to each other and always show their close feelings in a funny yet sweet way.

Most recently, during Jungkook's 4-hour livestream last night, he also took some time to talk about Jin and do a sweet act for him. Through Jungkook's facial expression, many ARMYs are also touched.

Here are some moments you might have missed about Jungkook and Jin:

Jungkook has returned to social media after a long absence since Jin enlisted in the army. He also admitted that he enjoyed his days alone and also took time to recall BTS' memories with ARMYs.

Just like other ARMYs, Jungkook missed the days when he stood on stage with all 7 members of BTS in the cheers of ARMYs. And maybe it will take a long time for them to be able to stand together on such a stage again.

Since Jin enlisted in the army, the other members including Jungkook also started doing their solo activities and of course it wasn't easy either. But they are all trying their best, while the members achieve musical achievements and brand values, Jin works hard in the army.

But besides that, Jungkook also shared that Jin also spends some of his free time texting members in the group chat when he gets the chance. He said that: "Jin Hyung? Jin Hyung seems to be doing well. He sometimes messages on the group chat."

Previously, j-hope revealed that Jin called and cheered him on at the beginning of the new year when he had a stage in the US. While V once said that Jin contacted him not too long ago and he is doing very well now.

It can be seen that the members are still keeping in touch with Jin and updating his military situation. Not only that, but Jungkook always has a fond nostalgia for his oldest hyung.

Last night, when Jungkook sang “For Youth” from the collection of nearly 40 songs he sang for ARMYs, he made a remarkable move. It was when Jin sang part, he stopped so ARMYs could hear Jin's voice and he seemed to listen to it from his heart.

After a few seconds, he seemed to become emotional and smiled sweetly while listening to Jin's voice. He also told ARMYs while watching live that "Borahae" and it was like sending a message to Jin.

Perhaps, in that moment, Jungkook also missed Jin a lot. Other ARMys started discussing this heartwarming moment between the two:

- jungkook didn't sing jin's part in for youth and he got so emotional during this partㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

- The spark in JK's eyes is gone... I can feel How he miss his Yeobo Jin... he loves him deeply

- This isn't the only time though, if you're watching most of his noraebang lives he mostly not singing when it comes to Jin's part. He's just soaking up the emotions atm

- I was watching the wlive half way and couldn’t take it! Is a sad wlive… stay strong JK! Jin be back soon.

- That teary-eyed hurts me more. He really missed Jin so much. I have been questioning myself since I watched the vlive, did Jk and Jin spend a day on Jin's one day reward vacation? And now Jk got emotional again because Jin went back to the camp?

- I knew it!! That's why he didn't sing the astronaut


- He also loves hearing jin's voice

- That's why he didn't want to sing any of JIN's songs! He knew he'll get so emotional

- Gosh... my heart belongs to JK and his beautiful 6 brothers!

- He knew they would also be emotional n knew what he is feeling

- I was one of the ARMYs who flooded "THE ASTRONAUT" in the comments. I'm sure he saw those but maybe he had his reasons

- Um... I think it is a face and feeling that someone broken up with bf and singing their song, the saddest part is they got a whole playlist. Hope I am wrong. Imagine if every Jin's part is an ache.