Director of the Military Manpower Administration, Lee Ki-sik Reveals BTS's Stance On Military Service In The Latest Interview

A few hours ago, the Korean media reported on the latest interview of the leader of the Korean  Military Manpower Administration. Of course, the interview covered a lot of questions related to BTS's enlistment.

Through his answer, the Director of the Military Manpower Administration Lee Ki-sik showed the BTS members' views on this issue. Perhaps, the members are ready to follow the call of the country.

At a meeting with reporters at the Ministry of National Defense in Yongsan-gu, Seoul on the 24th, Commissioner Lee received many questions regarding the BTS issue. At the same time, he also reaffirmed his previous view that the matter of applying special military service to group BTS should be handled carefully.

Earlier, at the National Assembly Defense Committee last month, Commissioner Lee received a question from Representative Ahn Gyu-baek of the Democratic Party of Korea about adding a special military service law for military personnel. popular artist. The director gave the answer that this matter should be considered more carefully.

In today's interview, the director also received a question, "Are BTS's point of view on the issue of military service the same?". The Director gave the answer according to what his knows as "Yes".

Commissioner Lee said the members' stance is the same about enlisting in the military because it is not only popular with BTS but also with young people. He also added that if everyone feels they need justice when serving in the army, young people will not be able to perform well in their duty to protect their nation. 

When asked if any of the BTS members had applied to volunteer for military service, Commissioner Lee replied, "I don't know," but then he added, "None of them said they wouldn't go?"

He also mentioned that serving as a soldier is one of the pride and responsibility of young people. BTS members have also repeatedly mentioned that they will be ready to enlist when the time comes. Both SUGA and Jin have been mentioned about this.

Despite the recent troubling information surrounding whether or not BTS should be exempt from duty. Looking at their perspective and what BTS is preparing for, it can be seen that BTS is ready for this!