Beautiful Korean Model Is Going Viral For Her Uncanny Resemblance To V

When it comes to K-Pop idols who are known worldwide, BTS‘s V is one of the top stars and has seen his popularity and influence increase massively since debuting in 2013.

With his charm and talent, V is loved by millions of fans worldwide, and his unreal visuals are always a huge talking point.

Aside from his amazing talent and performance skills, V also has perfect visuals that could easily pass as a high-end fashion model.

In particular, when he was in Paris to represent CELINE at a fashion show, V looked right at home in one of the world’s fashion capitals.

Well, it seems like V might have a doppelganger who is going viral for looking like the idol’s sister, and it’s none other than Korean model Hwang Ji Min.

The model was born in September 1988 and has always looked gorgeous. While she isn’t as active on social media, she has always boasted strong features.

Yet, while the resemblance to V might not be as pronounced on her Instagram, aside from the strong features and bone structure, recent photos from the model’s work with the popular brand MOIA have showcased photos that have gained attention from netizens.


When the final images were posted on the Korean forum theqoo, netizens couldn’t get over the resemblance, especially as it was one they hadn’t seen before.

  • Wait, does she look like V in her other pictures too? It almost looks edited.
  • The model picture looks so photoshopped that it cracked me up. They’re like twins!
  • WTF? The resemblance between the model and V is uncanny. LOL.
  • No… Is this for real? It’s photoshop, right? No way this is real… Right?
  • What?! This is shocking. LMAO.
  • I see it. This is the first time I’ve seen someone resemble V so much. Haha. The model is an actual person, right?