Bang PD Shares A Humiliating Story Of Being Disrespected 15 Years Ago In The US Made Him Create BTS

Bang Si-hyuk, the president of HYBE, the father of BTS, is now a successful producer and business owner. He recently returned to the US and received prestigious awards for his dedication and achievements.

But before standing here with such an honorable position, few people know that Bang PD had to go through a period of humiliation because of being looked down upon in America. This story was shared recently and it made ARMYs feel touched and congratulated for what Bang PD has achieved today.

Here is the story that made Bang Si-hyuk and BTS what they are today:

As everyone knows, Bang Si-hyuk started off as a JYP producer, then he founded Big Hit Entertainment. Big Hit is a small company and even took on a big debt when BTS debuted. At that time, both Big Hit and BTS received contempt from industry insiders simply because they were not a wealthy company.

But not only are they despised by people in the country, they are also ignored by people in the US industry and even treated badly. Especially President Bang as he looks for opportunities for BTS and himself in this country.

In a shared story, 15 years ago, Bang PD once went to America and visited an American record label as well as a famous producer here. Of course, at that time, Bang PD and BTS were not famous names for others to pay attention to, so producers were often not very interested in hearing about Bang PD's projects.

However, the record label in particular asked Bang Si-hyuk to wait in the lobby. But 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours passed and he was finally asked to go home without any apology or explanation. At that time, Bang PD couldn't even get angry and just went home and told himself that he promised not to come back until he built something as big as they have.

And today, he is once again back in Los Angeles but with the role of the creator of BTS - one of the most popular groups in the world. He also comes as Clive Davis Vision Award winner. He is also one of the Billboard Power Listers and has been invited to the 2023 Billboard Power Awards.

The Billboard Power 100 Awards honor and celebrate the achievements of Billboard Power List winners. One of the special awards, the Clive Davis Vision Award, is an honor given to someone who has contributed to the growth and innovation of the music industry. This award recognizes President Bang Si-hyuk's contributions in delivering an innovative vision for the global music industry.

Scooter Brown Hive America, CEO of Scooter Brown Hive America, who presented the award, introduced Bang Si-hyuk, saying, "He's a humble leader even though he's promoting K- pop to the world with a creative vision for 10 years."

Clive Davis, the award's initiator, explained, "Bang Si-hyuk introduced a new K-pop genre to the world through his incredible skill as a composer, lyricist and producer, which has led BTS to record massive album sales in the global market."

Meanwhile, in his speech Bang Si-hyuk said, "My journey to transcend the boundaries of the music and entertainment industry without settling into the life of a producer solely based on on my efforts to stick with the music I love, and like Clive Davis, the first winner of this award, I will strive to push boundaries and broaden the horizons of the music industry based on my love of music."

The Clive Davis Vision Awards were established by Billboard in 2013 to recognize Clive Davis, five-time Grammy Award winner, one of the industry's most prestigious and high-profile music industry elders, for his contributions to innovation and growth in the music industry. Past honorees include Rob Stringer, CEO of Sony Music Entertainment, Lucian Grange, president of Universal Music Group, and Craig Kalman, president of Atlantic Records. And now, it has also enrolled HYBE's Bang Si-hyuk.

Bang PD has returned to the US after 15 years and proved to those who once looked down on him that his ideals have succeeded and succeeded brilliantly despite being humiliatingly trampled on by them. What he achieved today is the best revenge for that year!