A Filipino ARMY Who Is A Flight Attendant Met V On His Flight And His Actions Made Other ARMYs Jealous

A few hours ago, V landed at Incheon airport and returned to Korea after a successful trip to the US. V's return to Korea has attracted the attention of the press and ARMY.

Later, a crew member on Taehyung's flight posted an Instagram Story about how interesting she was to meet Taehyung. And of course, she's one lucky ARMY!

V recently returned to Korea earlier than the other members because he will be attending Kang Dongwon's movie premiere soon. V came back from America with an excited and cute face.

After V landed safely, a Filipino ARMY who was a flight attendant on flight V was on, telling the story of her enviable meeting. Once again, a lucky ARMY met a BTS member while working.

This girl introduced herself as a flight attendant on the flight that Taehyung took. Specifically, she assisted them from Abu Dhabi airport to Incheon in Business Class Lounge.

What's more special is that V is her bias, so she was surprised to be able to meet him on the plane. She also said that although the work was tiring, today was indeed the happiest day of her life. She seemed to be dreaming.

The flight attendant ARMY also described him as very handsome and kind. She tried asking V if he could get her autograph but he refused and shook her hands instead.


This made her quite embarrassed because her hands were quite cold at the time. But she suppressed her insane surprise and tried to say "I am an ARMY" in Korean. Then, when V heard this, he laughed shyly along with the rest of his crew.

Since she served V in the business class and special rooms, she needed to take good care of V and the others. When she asked V if he wanted a coffee, he said it in a very cute way that "oh one warreerr please".

Afterward, she asked him "Gwenchana" shyly and he also replied that "Gwenchana?". She said to him that she was not sure if she said it right then he softly said that: "It's alright" with his deep and calm voice.

When they were on boarding, she asked her to confirm he was fine and he immediately said that "No, I'm not tired". She also complimented V's manager because he's so cute. She also hopes he can protect V well.

A little jealous but also happy for this ARMY. She met her bias while working. What could be more wonderful!